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"Unlike other dating websites, it's my commitment to operate our business ethically. This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots. When we say there are more women than men, we guarantee it."

Brandon Wade
Founder & CEO,

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  • i like it so far. kudos

  • This is such a great site. I am a college student so obviously I am reay limited due to financial situations. But I have had 2 arrangements that have really helped me and currently starting in my third. I feel so well treated and really enjoy my time meeting these people. It really works, this is actually a thing that genuinely works! I am so glad I found this site! Thank you!!

  • Over the years since 2007, I have met some wonderful friends and a few amazing lovers. This site is no different than meeting someone at a bar, nightclub, beach, Tinder, a dating site or even at church or a friend's party. Everyone has needs, not just sexual and financial ones, but depending on their stage of life and level (see Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), their Jungian/Myer-Briggs Temperament; age, looks, social status etc... they find one or even more people that make their life more enjoyable, easy, supportive and enriching. Can be a good friend, a part-time lover with benefits, a lover or even a spouse. I know a few lovely ladies from this site who got married to men they met. What makes this site better is that people can be more open and honest about their needs, expectations, desires and even fantasies. It allows them to get to know someone more, before you even go on a first date and people can be more candid than they may be on a first date. Every woman on this site isn't a gold-digger and every man isn't a billionaire, but there is something for everyone and more honesty than there is on other site. Guys should be a little more respectful from what I hear from women. Treat a lady with respect and dignity and you'd be surprised at your outcome. In any event, Brandon has done a great job and I receive thousands of messages from around the world and wherever I travel to, I at least have a new friend to have dinner with, hit a play with, go to a concert and have fun times. Many times, when they travel to my place in New York or Florida have hit me up to go out. It's by far, the best dating site in America. Not every man's a "Sugar Daddy" needing to find a date for money and not every woman is a "Sugar Baby" only wanting to date a guy for his money. I have actually met some ladies on the site who are wealthier than myself. Some young ladies just want a good mentor, great times, good friendship, no drama, fun travel, exciting events, a more experienced lover, a more sophisticated, intelligent, and classier gentleman and they are not ready to settle down, get into a committed relationship or married and like being spoiled like any lady should be spoiled. Your manners, attitude and communication style will go a long way towards success however. I may be winded, but I find that the ladies here and elsewhere I date, like depth. At least the ladies I am attracted to. Financial needs are one thing and any true gentleman should want to spoil any lady he choose to date. However, mental, emotional and spiritual needs are just as important as the physical and financial ones. Learn that and you'll have as much luck and success at meeting wonder friends and lovers as I have!

  • I've been using SeekingArrangement for a short six months while balancing college and a job. The guys I've met through SeekingArrangement have all be very kind, considerate, and generous. I've made around an estimated six thousand dollars (in gifts and cash) while actively searching on this website. I've flown to five or six different cities that I otherwise probably would not have been able to visit. I've gotten a few of my friends very interested in the website too! I love being a sugar baby and I owe it all to SeekingArrangement for letting me do it my way.