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Student debt has reached more than a billion dollars in Canada. Finding a way to manage student debt is a problem for most graduates; as such, students have developed a new solution: Sugar daddies.

Thousands of Canadian Students Seek Sugar Daddies!

Millions of students are looking for another way to get out from underneath student loan debt. Based on the latest figures, the percentage of students with loan debt is greater than those employed in a full-time job with their degree.

Sugar Baby Ranking by University

The average tuition prices at four-year universities rose three percent, and are up more than forty percent over the previous decade. You need a degree to find a greater salary, but how can you acquire a degree as universities continue to raise tuition? Rising costs make the traditional path to education difficult, so students are looking for new ways to pursue a degree while maintaining their quality of life.

While college completion rates in Canada rank among the best in the world, it also ranks fifth as the most expensive country for students. Seeking a wealthy benefactor is a great way to offset this cost.

Rank University New Sign-Up
Growth in 2016
01 University of Alberta 138
02 Ryerson University 135
03 University of Ottawa 132
04 University of Toronto 131
05 Carleton University 111
06 University of Guelph 88
07 York University 87
08 McGill University 86
09 Queen’s University 86
10 Simon Fraser University 85
11 Dalhousie University 84
12 University of Saskatchewan 82
13 University of Western Ontario 79
14 McMaster University 77
15 Macewan University 76
16 Trent University 75
17 University of Windsor 69
18 Humber College 68
19 Lake Head University 67
20 University of Victoria 66

Student tuition has seen a steady rise, as well as enrollment, which has increased. Becoming a Sugar Sugar can help you avoid becoming another statistic.

Why suffer with student debt?

A person with a degree is likely to make more, and going to school is a financial burden that every student needs help with. But debt isn’t the only problem students face; underemployment is a very real epidemic for students with student loan debt. According to recent numbers, underemployment is close to 50%, which means that students are not only accruing more debt, but they also have no realistic means of paying it off.

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In 2016 alone, more than one million students around the world (an eleven percent increase) registered on SeekingArrangement to find some relief from tuition, student loan debt, and other college-related costs. Finding the right sugar daddy can help a sugar baby manage student loan debt.

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