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The average debt of Irish University students rose to €12,000 this year. On top of paying yearly registration fees upfront, this can add an additional €3,000 per year for Irish students. With that in mind, almost 10,000 Irish students across the country have joined the 2.5 million students seeking Sugar Daddies as an alternative method of financial aid.

Irish students pay some of the highest fees in Europe, and the world. With some media outlets predicting costs could increase even further. While many students resort to loans and/ or part-time jobs, some are looking for another way to get on top of their student loan debt.

The Facts

The value of a higher education in Ireland continues to increase. It opens the door to better jobs, better salaries, and more employment opportunities in general. While this sentiment is correct across the world, it holds particular weight in Ireland, where the unemployment rates of people without tertiary education has steadily increased. Meaning students in Ireland have little choice but to attend University and incur the substantial costs associated with that decision.

The Breakdown

Rank University New Sign-Up
Growth in 2016
01 Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin 72
02 Dublin City University 71
03 National University of Ireland, Galway 70
04 University College Cork 68
05 University of Limerick 67
06 Cork Institute of Technology 64
07 University College Dublin 60
08 Dublin Institute of Technology 57
09 Limerick Institute of Technology 51
10 Waterford Institute of Technology 50

Student’s in major city centers have been embracing Sugar Dating in order to combat the increasing costs of education and living.

Why suffer with student debt?

As long as the costs of being a student continue to increase, the harsh reality is that students have no realistic way of making a significant dent in their University costs while they’re studying.

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An awful reality looms: if the Irish government’s proposed student loan plan goes forward, students from families who cannot afford to pay €20,000 per year in fees will face crippling debt post-graduation. Were a student able to come up with the €3,000 needed for school registration fees, the financial burden lingers because of things like books and living expenses.

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