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In 2005 stepped into the dating world, quickly becoming one of the preferred Beneficial Relationship dating platforms. Featuring members that are Generous and Beautiful, models and professionals and anyone who is interested in the sugar daddy & baby lifestyle are welcome to our simple, professional website.

Sign up, put our banner on your site and earn 40% of each sale and $1.50 for each signup. As simple as that. You’ll need to have a account on which we’ll track your signups, and send you payments. Once you signup you will have a team of designers and materials at your hand to help you make money. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchases.

  1. Sign up for SeekingArrangement's affiliate account through
  2. You will receive all the code and materials via Commission Junction. Put the code with a banner on your site.
  3. From each successful sale generated through your affiliate links and banners, you will get 40% revenue for each sale within 60 days of signup.
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Frequently asked Affiliate Questions

How long until I get paid? pays out all affiliates for approved transactions on the 20th of every month. You must have a proper W-9 filled out and a bank account or physical address in order to receive payments. Minimum payout trigger for is $25. Meaning you must make at least $25 before they send you money.

Can I make money inviting my friends?

Absolutely, if your friend joins the site using the affiliate link granted from, then you will receive 40% of whatever that friend pays us. So Recommend to your friends and make some quick cash.

Is there a maximum amount I can make?

There is no cap on how much money you can make using our affiliate program. One of our top sellers is currently making over $1300 a week by just sending 50 potential members to our site per day. We always pay our affiliates on time every time. We run special promotions every month that are performance based for our super affiliates. Make more money with than any other Online Dating Service.

What if someone I brought over pays after 60 days?

Our affiliate cookie only lasts for 60 days, so if you brought a member to our site and they upgrade after 61 days, unfortunately you do not receive commission for the transaction, but you will receive money for the signup.