What's An Arrangement?

In the wild, wonderful world of dating relationships, “arrangement” is shorthand for what we call a “mutually beneficial arrangement,” or a “mutually beneficial relationship.” This kind of relationship, well... it’s a beautiful thing. Why? Because it works. All successful relationships are beneficial to both people. They're all two-way streets, where each person gives just as much as he or she gets in return.

The dating problem

Ever find yourself in a relationship that wasn't mutually beneficial? If so, chances are, it ended badly. And chances are, it all came down to a give-and-take imbalance where expectations were not being met — even when you thought those expectations were clear. We've been there too. That’s why, at SeekingArrangement, we're dedicated to sharing our solution to the problem of imbalance and broken expectations in dating relationships.

The SeekingArrangement solution

Here's what you’ll find on this website: people who know what they want and what they can offer in return. We're talking about thousands of Sugar Daddies, Sugar Mommies and Sugar Babies from around the U.S., with photos, detailed profiles, clear expectations — all the most important info you need to find a match and create the mutually beneficial arrangement that works best for you.

By the way, relationships that are not mutually beneficial also have a name. They're called “bad relationships.” They're one-way streets with trouble up ahead — where someone always ends up feeling taken advantage of, or used. A relationship like this is doomed, and not worth the emotional and financial cost in the end.

What you won't find here

Guessing games. If you've tried other dating sites, then you know what we're talking about. You’ve seen the profiles. Here's a gorgeous young woman who says she prefers “stable, mature men.” What’s she really saying? Here's an older, successful businessman looking for a woman with “youthful vitality.” Hmm...

At SeekingArrangement, we see no reason for the awkwardness. Mutually beneficial arrangements are not strange, and they're definitely not new. Older, wealthier men and younger, more beautiful women have been seeking each other out for... let's see... THOUSANDS OF YEARS. It’s a tradition that’'s not going to change anytime soon. So, why shouldn't we modern men and women just be honest about what we want and what we have to offer?

The H-word

...as in “honest.” Meet SeekingArrangements Founder Brandon Wade. He's not just a businessman. He's an author and leading dating expert who knows that successful relationships only happen when people are brutally honest with each other about exactly what they expect and what they can provide in return.

That way, all expectations are on the table from the beginning. No misunderstandings, no unpleasant surprises, no disappointment from getting something totally different than you asked for. Brutal honesty is the only way to go. Take it from the expert himself.

It all starts with knowing what you want. Whatever your personal goals may be for a mutually beneficial arrangement, the key is to be clear about them. And whatever it is you’re seeking — love, companionship, friendship, a financial assist, short-term, long-term — we're confident you can find a match here to satisfy your naturally high expectations.

As a sugarbaby, you’re the beneficiary in financially compensated relationships with men who, by virtue of their being sugar daddies, should have no problem whatsoever with providing the benefits you seek.

Welcome to our world...

SeekingArrangement members have access to a different kind of dating culture. Our world is full of attractive women and men who can afford to put themselves out there, because they’re confident they can give as much as they receive. And it's true what they say: confidence is everything. It simply brings out the best in all of us, as our members can tell you. Still not sure? Give it a shot. Once you’re signed up, you'll start to see for yourself what a well-arranged mutually beneficial relationship can do for your sense of personal potential. After that, you'll be the one getting the questions...and we hope you love answering them as much as we do.

Questions Asked

As a SeekingArrangement Sugar Baby, I get two big questions from my girlfriends. The first is always, "How do you do that?" So I tell them.
Then they ask, " How do I do that?"
- Kaylee, college sophomore