Autumn is a bartender and real estate representative who has been sugaring with SeekingArrangement for three years. She joined the site after realizing that there was a community of like-minded people seeking similar relationships.

Autumn has a passion for art, music, and animation. She also loves to exercise.

The most influential person in her life is her father. She says that without his wisdom and persistence, she would not be where she is today. The best advice her dad has given her was to wake up every morning and try her hardest, no matter what challenges she may face.

If crowned Sugar Baby of the Year, she would gift her father his dream to scuba dive in the Pacific Islands. Autumn’s father has endlessly supported her and her siblings, and it would mean a lot to her to repay him in that way.

“I believe I have the sparkle that sets me apart, not only physically, but mentally, from the other girls in the competition. Voting for me means you would be voting for a Sugar Baby who doesn't use this platform for just her needs. I have a very kind heart that gives me the ability to give Sugar Daddies the attention and companionship that all Sugar Babies promise, but fall short.”






Phoenix, AZ

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