Javel is an entrepreneur who owns her own online boutique, RedefineStore.com. She has been living between Miami and New York City most of her life and has been a member of SeekingArrangement for four years.

When Javel isn’t working on her boutique, she enjoys traveling. One of her favorite travel destinations is Dubai. She hopes to travel to Morocco and Egypt next.

Her grandmother is the most influential person in her life. She credits her with giving the best advice, which she has passed down from generation to generation. The piece of advice she most adheres to comes from her mom -- be happy and live an authentic life!

Owning her e-boutique is Javel's greatest achievement. She hopes to become the next Coco Chanel and create a brand legacy of her own.

Javel says if she wins Sugar Baby of the Year, the first thing she would do is immediately share the news with her Instagram community by posting a video of her excitement.

“Being a Sugar Baby has been a great experience so far. I love the lifestyle, and I feel I can represent the brand in a positive way.”






New York, New York

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