Mina is a college senior who works in event planning. She currently resides in Vancouver, Canada, but is originally from Tallinn, Estonia. Just under a year ago, she joined SeekingArrangement with hopes to simply meet nice, successful men. When she’s not planning events, she enjoys traveling, spending time with family and cooking -- she’s best known for her delicious curry.

One of the greatest influences in Mina’s life is her mother, who guides her and has always told her to not wait for things to be perfect or to worry about failing. Her mother’s best advice: “It's more important to just do something than to do it perfectly.”

She once faced the difficulties that come with getting out of a toxic relationship, and it was her biggest challenge yet. “I overcame it with patience and rational thinking. I think the soul tells you when enough is enough, and it’s over.”

If crowned Sugar Baby of the Year, she would invest in real estate.

“I thought this would be an interesting and exciting experience; that is why I decided to compete. I also model, so I thought it would be good exposure. I think the Sugar Baby of the Year should be a sweet, kind and a beautiful girl -- all traits I have.”






Tallinn, Estonia

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