Nancy is a bartender who lives in Portland, OR. She joined SeekingArrangement a year and a half ago after hearing about it from a friend. Nancy has met a variety of Sugar Daddies through the site, some that she hopes to turn into lifelong friendships.

Living in Portland allows Nancy to do some of her favorite activities year round. Hiking, rock climbing and kayaking are the three she does often. She says working out allows her to burn off excess energy and keeps her smiling, feeling strong, feeling confident and feeling empowered -- all things she believes the Sugar Baby of the Year should have.

Moving west was her greatest challenge. She is the first of her family to leave Maine and being so close to her family, it was not an easy decision. In a positive light, however, moving on her own has allowed her to grow exponentially. She says her family could not be more proud of the woman she has become.

Nancy says if she is crowned Sugar Baby of the Year, she would pay off her student loans. She also would also use the opportunity share her story and redefine the common perceptions of the Sugar Baby lifestyle.

“When you hide a part of your life from others, they tend to automatically assume that it is negative, and by being open, honest and confident, I am able to show them that it isn't. I find true happiness and empowerment in sharing the experiences that I am ever so grateful for.”






Portland, ME

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