Shelby is a recent college graduate and freelance model from Dallas, TX. Currently living in Los Angeles, she hopes to obtain a license for real estate by the beginning of next year. She has been on SeekingArrangement for a month and joined to find an older partner.

Shelby loves to exercise and spend time with her closest friends. She considers her degree in applied science, and certificates in marketing and real estate, her greatest achievements. Being a full-time college student with a full-time work schedule to support herself was stressful, however, she managed to get through with the help of her friends and family.

Shelby’s mother is the most influential person in her life. The best piece of advice that Shelby’s received is to never settle for anything less than what's deserved and to fight for everything that she wants in life.

She has battled with self-esteem issues all of her life, but now says being true to herself and understanding her own self-worth has created an avenue for growth and boosts her confidence.

Shelby decided to compete as Sugar Baby of the Year for the opportunity and experience. She says it would be a dream come true for her to win. If she were to be crowned Sugar Baby of the Year, she would use her earnings to travel somewhere exotic and add to her savings.






Dallas, TX

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