Programa de Afiliados de SeekingArrangement

In 2006, joined the dating world, quickly becoming one of the preferred mutually beneficial dating platforms. SeekingArrangement boasts 10 million members generous and beautiful.

Regístrese en, place your affiliate link or banner on your website, and we’ll send you commissions for each new user and sale you send our way. Upon signup you will have a team of designers and materials at your disposal to help increase revenue.

Tenga en cuenta: No puedes ganar comisión por tus propias compras.

  1. Regístrese para el programa de afiliación de SeekingArrangement a través de
  2. Una vez que te hayas unido, recibirás un enlace de afiliado personal + activos de medios de marca y material para usar en tu sitio.
  3. Recibirá comisiones de cada venta exitosa generada a través de sus enlaces de afiliados y banners.

Preguntas Frecuentes

¿Cuánto debo esperar por el pago?

Our affiliate platform pays out commissions every month. You must have a proper W-9 filled out and physical address in order to receive payments. Minimum payout trigger for is $25. You need to earn at least $25 in commissions to receive payment.

¿Si invito a mis amigos ganaré más dinero?

Absolutely, if your friend joins the site using your unique affiliate link, then you will receive commission for the new account as well as on any purchases your friend makes. Recommend to your friends to increase your commissions.

¿Existe un máximo de dinero que puedo ganar?

There is no cap on how much money you can make using our affiliate program. We always pay our affiliates on time every time. We also run performance based bonuses for our affiliates. Make more money with than any other online dating service.