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Toronto Men Proclaim Themselves Most Promiscuous Canadians
Toronto Men Proclaim Themselves Most Promiscuous Canadians
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Sugar Babies: Smart of Skanky?
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Whistler Opening Day is Nov.16 2013
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[TALK LIKE SEX] Sugar Daddies? Really??
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Government Shutdown a Boost for Dating Website?
US Shutdown May Be Driving Traffic to Sugar Daddy Sites
Co-eds Turning to Sugar Daddies to Pay for Education
Shutdown leads women to sugar daddy dating website
The 10 Cities with the Most Eligible Millionaires, If You’re Into That Sort of Thing
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40,000 Teachers Moonlighting as Sugar Babies
Report: 40,000 Public School Teachers Seeking ‘Sugar Daddies’
What is the Sexiest Profession? Entrepreneur, Says Women
Find Yourself a Sugar Daddy?
Seeking Arrangement Claims 40,000 Public School Teachers Are Looking For Sugar Daddies
Las Vegas is named among Top 10 ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-inspired cities
Public School Teachers Becoming ‘Sugar Babies’ on Seeking Arrangement Dating Site
Shock claim: 40,000 public school teachers moonlight on sugar-daddy website
Site Helps Teachers Hook Up with a ‘Sugar Daddy’
Are NYC Teachers Looking for Sugar Daddies?
Guess Which City’s Ladies Are Totally More into BDSM Post-Fifty Shades?
Weiner’s approval rating remains at 78% among young women
Young Women Approve of Weiner?
Poll: 78 Percent of Young Women Approve of Weiner
More than Half of Americans Spy On Their Partners
Relations with Benefits - Sugar Daddies Finance American Students
7 Things Fake Online Dating Profiles Usually Say
Kent State is Dripping with Sugar Babies
4,500 Irish Students Using Sugar Daddy Service
4,000 Irish Students Seek Sugar Daddies
A Widow White Lie
Farrah Abraham Rejected by Sugar Daddy Site Twice, Company Claims
Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Got Rejected Before It was Sold! Get the Details
"I'm a prince!" And 6 More Online Dating Red Flags
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8 Signs That Girl on the Internet You Met is Fake
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The Top 15 Sugar Daddy Colleges
Vegas Ranks 6th for Most Sugar Daddies
Brisbane Named Australia's Sugar Daddy Capital
The Rise of Sugar Daddy Culture in Canada: Vancouver Tops the List
How to Find Your Sugar Daddy Like I Did
Sugar Daddy Capitals of Canada: Vancouver
Vancouver Topples Toronto as Sugar Daddy Capital
Being a Sugar Daddy's Baby Ain't as Sweet as It Used to Be: Survey
Goodbye Sugar Daddy, Hello Spenda Daddy: Men Who Fund Their Younger Girlfriends' Lifestyles are Making Less Money
Boston Named the Second Stingiest Sugar Daddy Capital in America
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Looking for a Young, Rich Sugar Daddy? You'll Likely Find One in Vegas
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Net Cherry Picking
Net Cherry Picking
When Should Women Lose Their Virginity? 21 Says Charleston
Georgia State and NYU Have the Most Girls Looking for Sugar Daddies
Portland Scores Prude Points in Nationwide Sex Survey
Dating Site Claims Chicago Women Think 20 is the Best Age to Lose Virginity
Tangled Web of Sugar Daddies
With Divorce Season Underway, Hundreds of Boston Women Sign Up to Be Sugar Babies
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College Sugar Babies Date for Cash
Students Sweet-Talked By Sugar Daddies Who Pay Their School Fees
Website Matches Coeds with Rich Older Men to Pay for College
This is The Way Some Australian Uni Students are Paying Their Fees
Digitizing Love
Coeds or Call Girls? Sugar Daddies Pay Tuition
Sugar Daddy Dating in the Hub
UCSD Students Increasingly Turning to Sugar Daddies
The Yorkville Money Man: Toronto's Legendary Sugar Daddy
Valentine's Day: The Cost of Showing Some Love
Avoiding Student Loans: Is a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy the Answer?
Site Helps Co-Eds Find "Sugar Daddies" to Pay for College
Some Co-Eds Becoming 'Sugar Babies' to Pay for College
Some Co-Eds Becoming ‘Sugar Babies’ to Pay for College
UCF Ranked on Top 20 Sugar Baby Colleges List
Perth Uni Students Turn to Sugar Daddies
Research Reveals Major Increase in Students Seeking Sugar Daddies
Sugar Daddies Dating Website Closer to Christian Dating Than Escorting
Canadian University Students Resort To Sugar Daddies
Uni Students Seek Sugar Daddies
Cambridge is Top School for Sugar Daddies in UK
Dating Site for Finding a 'Sugar Daddy'
Cambridge is Top School for Sugar Daddies in UK
Rolex Romeos
Michigan Universities on List of Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools
Co-eds Sign Up For Paid Dating Site to Pay for College
Sugar Babies: Smart or Skanky?
More NYU & Columbia Female Students Are Seeking 'Sugar Daddies'
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‘50 Shades of Grey’ Boosts Sign-Ups on Sugar Daddy Dating Website
Fifty Shades of Grey Effect Turns British Bedrooms Red Hot As women Copy Scenes from Smash-Hit ‘Mummy Porn’ Book
ABC Nightline Coverage of
Top US Airlines for A Landing A Sugar Daddy
Desperately Seeking Sugar Daddies
Hard-Up Students Seek Help From Sugar Daddy Website
Who’s the Sugar Daddy? Controversial dating site comes to London
‘Sugar Daddy’ Dating Site Launch in Britain
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Addicted to Sugar Daddies: Nikki Howarth Earns 300,000 A year Dating Wealthy Men
How This Never-Been-Kissed MIT Nerd Built A $10 Million ‘Sugar Baby‘ Dating Empire
British University Students Join Sugar Daddy Dating Sites to Pay Debts
The rise and rise of the American Sugar Daddy
Temple gals hook up with older, richer guys via‎
Sugar Coated
College Sugar Babies
Dr. Phil profiles on Sugar Baby Students
NYU Girls Make Arrangements More Than Any Other Students
Are you my new sugar daddy?
A Q&A With Brandon Wade, Mr. Sugar Daddy
Dark Side of an MIT Mind
Five Rules for Aspiring Sugar Babies
Seeking Arrangement: College Students Using 'Sugar Daddies' To Pay Off Loan Debt
1,000 Irish women sign up for 'Sugar Daddy' relationships
The middle-class women who charge for sex
Cash-strapped students sell sex to fund their studies
Desperately Seeking Sugar Daddies
Watch the video
New Dating Web Sites Bring Sugar Daddies, Babies Together at Last
Keeping Up With Being Kept
Sugar Daddy Dating: A Very Personal Stimulus
If spouses are going to cheat, why not a Web site?
The Anatomy of Dating a Sugar Daddy
Hi, I'm Claudia. I'm worth £20m and I need a man to love
At What Price, Love?
Sugar Daddy Economics
My Sugar Daddy
Sugar daddies offer financial bailout, but at what cost?
Looking for love? Pony up the cash
Some a mixed drink, some a Maserati
Sugar daddies look for \'babies\' on dating site Play Video >>
Talk Radio 1206 Canberra - Mike Jeffrey's Breakfast Show
95.7 Halifax - The Afternoon News with Tom Young
Jerry Doyle - Independent Conservative Talk Show "Yes, I would absolutely use this website. There's nothing wrong with being honest about what you are looking for." - Female Listener
Mancow's Morning Madhouse "I have a Sugar Daddy and he pays my Rent and all my Bills. Its a good Arrangement." - Female Listener
93.3FM (Los Angeles) - Rick Dee In The Morning
Playboy Radio - Afternoon Advice - "I'm a Truck Driver, you mean if I'm Generous but not a Millionaire, I can be a Sugar Daddy too? This is awesome!" - Male Listener
Sugar daddies find sugar babies on new Web site