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There is no way to escape a simple truth: student debt has nearly reached the trillion dollar mark. Figuring out how to manage that debt is difficult. Students have developed a new solution to this problem: Sugar Daddies.

Students Seeking Sugar Daddies hit a ten-year high

Nearly 1.2 million students are looking for a way to get out from underneath the crushing weight of student loan debt. Based on the latest figures, the percentage of students with loan debt is greater than those employed in a full-time job with their degree.

Sugar Babies & Student Debt

The average student debt rose by 13% this year from 30,867 to 35,000, which brought the total for US student loan debt to $1.35 trillion. More than forty million Americans have student loan debt (and the average debt is around $35,000).

The United States has the largest combined number of Sugar Daddy (and Mommy) relationships with 3,244,980 people (as of July 2016):

  • Sugar Daddies484,695
  • Sugar Mommies42,913
  • Sugar Baby Males466,510
  • Sugar Baby Females2,250,868

Sugar Baby Ranking by University

Student tuition has seen a steady rise, nearly ten percent in the past year, as well as enrollment, which has increased to nearly twenty-one million students. Becoming a Sugar Baby allows a student to avoid becoming another statistic.

Rank University New Sign-Up
Growth in 2016
Student Total
01 Temple University 296 1068
02 New York University 244 1436
03 Arizona State University 236 1247
04 Georgia State University 188 1088
05 Texas State University 182 756
06 Florida International University 154 663
07 Virginia Commonwealth University 133 367
08 Kent State University 124 1074
09 University of Alabama 109 346
10 University of Central Florida 104 949
11 University of Texas 103 714
12 University of South Florida 102 748
13 University of Arizona 96 231
14 Portland State University 94 187
15 Michigan State University 86 644
16 Florida State University 82 611
17 San Francisco State University 80 243
18 Howard University 79 225
19 Old Dominion University 74 188
20 University of Minnesota 71 284

Why be on the wrong end of the bell curve?

While the student crisis is in need of some desperate relief, and there is certainly some hyperbole promising and not delivering, the reality is that a person with a degree will make more, and going to school is a financial burden that every student needs to alleviate.

The real epidemic for students with loan debt is underemployment, which, according to recent numbers, is very close to 50%. It is becoming increasingly difficult for students to attend college and transition into the ‘real world’ with a viable means of repaying their newly acquired debt.

The relief is here: SeekingArrangement

In 2016 alone, more than one million students (an eleven percent increase) registered on SeekingArrangement in order to find some relief from tuition, student loan debt, and other college-related costs. Finding the right Sugar Daddy can help a Sugar Baby stay ahead of the game and get the education they need without student loan debt.

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