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Seeking Calendar 2019 contestant submissions have officially closed. The Seeking Casting Team received so many amazing applicants - thank you to those of you who applied. The competition is stirring up lots of excitement as to who will take home the $20,000 cash prize, and be the Seeking Calendar Cover Girl!

As a selected participant in the Seeking Calendar competition be sure to promote yourself on all of your social media channels to gain as many votes as possible for each phase of the contest. There will be a total of three voting phases, 12 lucky finalists with the most votes will be featured in the 2019 Seeking Calendar.

*If selected to move on, the Seeking Casting Team will contact you via email at the end of every phase of the competition.*

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自由 之光

性販運是世界上增長最快的犯罪之一。根據國際勞工組織的資料, 每年有480萬人被迫進入商業色情業。互聯網使人販子比以往任何時候都更容易從剝削中獲利, 每天線上社區都不知不覺地被捕食者用來尋找客戶和引誘受害者。

Seeking believes technology can also be used to disrupt human trafficking. In partnership with nonprofit organization, Freedom Light, Seeking is pledging its commitment to help end sexual exploitation.

自由光與致力於打擊販賣人口的公司合作。非營利組織與執法人員、專家和受害者服務中心合作制定反販運戰略, 為公司提供以證據為基礎的干預措施, 以防止犯罪、營救受害者和逮捕罪犯。


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