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A Sugar Baby is someone who both delights and attracts. Attraction to her Sugar Daddy may help some women remain charming. However, with the correct perspective, for the right person, at the right time, it is not a necessity; it is simply a bonus. Women are emotional creatures, seldom do they separate their hearts from their heads, Sugar Babies are no different. There is the rare girl who totally compartmentalizes her head and heart within a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship. Therefore, easing the transition from business to personal attraction for the Sugar Baby. Attraction is not always a physical thing; emotions play a large part in attraction to another person. Sugar Babies, need not feel physical attraction toward their Sugar Daddy, nor must there be an emotional connection, however, more often than not, it does develop. Attraction is not necessary to make the relationship work; it simply makes it more comfortable for the Sugar Baby to reconcile her relationship choices.

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